Shooting for Saprotex new catelogue.

On the 23rd (Thursday) and 24th (Friday) of January 2014 we had a load of fun shooting with Saprotex and capturing images for their new catalogue.

The weather really played it’s part and the locations were superb! We started off in the studio on the 23rd and then made our way to our secret location where there is a lovely looking mosaic wall which added texture and a little something different to the pictures taken.

On the 24th we had fun in a field where the long grass added to the pictures making them look soft and natural. We also went to the beach and used just the texture of the sand to create a unique background.

As you may notice the key theme for this shoot was textured backgrounds which created a subtle yet unique impact. It is really amazing how simple backgrounds can add to the creativity of an image.

Take a look at the awesome team which was a part of these two days of shooting. We have our awesome clients of Saprotex, as well as the talented make-up artist Caroline Fowler from Simply Gorgeous and then of course J.P. and myself from JEAN PAUL PHOTOGRAPHY.

IMG-20140124-WA009 IMG-20140124-WA011 IMG-20140128-WA000 IMG-20140124-WA001 IMG-20140124-WA002 IMG-20140124-WA003 IMG-20140124-WA004 IMG-20140124-WA005 IMG-20140124-WA006 IMG-20140124-WA007 IMG-20140124-WA008