True Love Magazine Shoot- 3 March 2011

Recently, we here at Jean Paul Photography were given an opportunity to photograph a shoot for True Love Magazine. The spread which appears in the May 2011 No387 issue, is an article which has been run in several previous magazines, on couples who have “made it”. Mxolisi and Nonyameko are a couple from the Eastern Cape, they are high school sweet hearts who met at a beauty pageant and 17 years later are still together. It sounds like a setting for a romantic comedy, yet this couple are all that and more.

Throughout the shoot you could not doubt their love for each other, with their loving gazes and playfulness, Nonyameko and Mxolisi  were a lot of fun to work with. Eager to strike poses and willing to have fun, this was definitely one of those shoots where you feel you’ve captured great photos because the “models” were eager and enthusiastic.

Have a look through our gallery at the special memories caught on camera of this special couple and  take a glimpse at their article published in the True Love Magazine.