Wedding of RASHAAD OBARAY & ZAIDAH GOSS on the 26 March 2016 @ Gonubie Manor.

Wedding of RASHAAD OBARAY & ZAIDAH GOSS on the 26 March 2016 @ Gonubie Manor. It was the 26-03-2016 and it was wedding day.......except it was no average wedding!!! This day was magical from the beginning to the end. It was serious when it needed to be and was fun every other time in between. For us the day started around 11am with a very calm and relaxed bride who slowly but surely transformed into a princess.   Image_02 Image_01   Although I was honoured to be the official photographer, there were plenty of selfies to be had! ๐Ÿ™‚   Image_03 Image_04   Soon after the final preparations were done, she was whisked away, to meet up with her prince.   Image_05   The Prince (Groom) did not in any way let down this enchanted event, as he was looking dashing, waiting under the arches.   Image_06 The ceremony took place in the beautiful gardens of the Gonubie Manor and there was no where better on a hot Autumns day, than in the shade that these lovely trees provided.   Image_07   Everyone looked their best, from the guests, to the bridal party, flower girls & page boys.   Image_08   And then the moment arrived!!! Princess Zaidah arrived in style on a horse and carriage which delivered her to her Prince, Rashaad for the ceremony. Image_09   After some touching words and the rings were placed, all that was left was to seal the deal with a kiss!     Image_10 Image_11 Image_12 Image_13   Following the ceremony everyone had refreshments and delicious snacks under the trees.   Image_14 Shortly after that, the family photos we taken. The beautiful gardens supplied just the right amounts of light and shade to capture these colourful personalities. ๐Ÿ™‚   Image_15 Image_16 Image_17   After all the families were done and dusted, we were able to concentrate on the reason for this special day......the loving couple! It was easy to capture the romance between these two love birds making posing a breeze.   Image_18 Image_19 Image_20 Completing the photo session, the bridal party then needed to change into a second attire, which was worthy of a few more photos to be taken. It was said that the boys used more hair care products to get to this stage! The boys were also especially proud of their personalized under garments.   Image_21 Image_22 Image_23   The reception hall was clearly set up for a feast. The attention to detail was exquisite and worthy to host the festivities that would follow.   Image_24 Image_25 Image_26   The speeches were heartfelt and at times emotional, but the message was effective, clear and delivered...this couple was loved by all.   Image_27 Next was the bouquet and garter, which sent a scurry of single women, and then men, all over the dance floor!   Image_28 Having lost a squash game, one of the best men was forced to make good on this lost bet, and publicly display his best impersonation of Michael Jackson's Moon Walk!   Image_29   Of the 'First Dances' one of the more memorable was the Father & daughter (bride), where their love is clearly visible.   Image_30   ...and then dance floor was open, where laughing, cheering and dancing could be heard well into the evening!   Image_31 As far as the formalities and our (the photographers) obligations were concerned, we ended this VERY special occasion with the 'cutting of the cake' and a sugary kiss!!!   Image_32   CONGRATULATIONS RASHAAD & ZAIDAH!